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Geauga Connected

The Geauga County Automated Data Processing (ADP) Board, is proud to offer a new initiative that provides eligible political subdivisions and other public entities with affordable, manageable, and feature-packed websites including:

  • Advanced Search
  • Calendar of Events
  • Business/Organization Directory
  • Employee Portal
  • Surveys
  • “Simple for Everyone” Website Administration
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For eligible political subdivisions in Geauga County

Administered by ADP

Automatic Data Processing - Geauga County, Ohio

Geauga Connected creates a personalized site for political subdivisions to more easily help their residents stay connected and informed with a new modern website with digital tools.


How to Start


  • First, your political subdivision must execute ADP’s standard contract and enter into an agreement.
  • With a signed contract you can purchase Geauga Connected and other Services through ADP.
  • Fill out the form below or call (440) 279-1345 to contact ADP.


  • ADP will provide a list of Web Services (displayed below) that your political subdivision can purchase.


  • Company 119 will contact you to schedule a kickoff and guide you through the process of building a new website…
Get Started
  • Advanced Search

    Search across site content and upload PDFs.

  • Calendar of Events

    Calendar which can display events in both list and month views.

  • Business/Organization Directory

    Website administrators can easily add a list of businesses and organizations to a categorized list.

  • Employee Portal

    Secure, password-protected section of the website to view employment memos and other information pertinent to their employment.

  • Surveys

    Have the ability to solicit information via online surveys.

Geauga Connected

Powered by Company 119

Company 119

Company 119’s website design team is not only based in Chardon but is an active member of Geauga County. They combine their website design expertise with their knowledge and love for the Geauga County community.

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